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Corporate Workshops

✔ Employee Engagement Strategy ✔ Team Building Activity

 ✔ Team Bonding Activity ✔ Fitness Regime

✔ Team Morale Boosting

A Brand New Type of Corporate Workshop for Team Building and Bonding! Bungee Workout away all the stress and build stronger bonds with your employees! And keeping fit at the same time!


At Elin Dance Studio, we offer corporate workshops for team bonding, staff appreciation, corporate milestone celebrations or just simply to boost staff morale! Our most popular Corporate Workshop is the Bungee Workout class which has received lots of positive reviews! Book your Workshop Now or let your HR department know about us!

Here are some companies that have tried out our Corporate Team Building Workshops!

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Tried out Corporate Bungee Workout Team Building
"Love the bungee fitness session at Elin Dance studio. All my friends and colleagues enjoyed the session. The instructors were very patient to guide us through in a fun way. Definitely, a great choice for team bonding and gathering activities for friends & family. Check it out now!"

- Joey LH, from Sisley Singapore Pte Ltd


Tried out Corporate Bungee Workout Team Building and Clientele Appreciation Workshop
"Hi Everyone! My team and I participated in Elin Dance Studio’s Bungee Workout class and the experience and AMAZING!! For most of us, Bungee workout seemed to be more of a female oriented activity and we hesitated to try it as a team at first, but after we took the leap of faith and gave it a shot, it was so addictive! Not only did the activity get our adrenaline pumping, we could feel the calories burning away from our bodies while having fun! This is coming from a team of majority males and we would still 101% recommend everyone to come try! 

The instructors also deserves their credit! Being extremely patient and guide some of us who were finding it more challenging to follow through the movements. The instructors were very familiar with their moves as well, so to everyone who are keen to come try, you are definitely in good hands!"

- Daniel from First Affiliation Management Group

Tried out Corporate Bungee Workout Team Building:

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Staff Appreciation

Give your employees a fun, memorable and exciting experience that you can't find elsewhere! We have so many who have tried Bungee and absolutely loved it!

Show your employees that you care about their well-being! 

Aerial Yoga Corporate Workshop _ Elin Dance Studio .HEIC

Corporate Team Building & Team Bonding

With customisable classes, you can build strong team bonds while bouncing, keeping fit and having fun at the same time!

Company Retreat

Get out of the office and bring your team and colleagues here for a recharge!

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Felice - Chinese Dance _ Elin Dance Stud

Dance the Stress Away

Had a tough and stressful period at work? Get up and moving with a dance class for the team and boost the productivity even higher!

Choose from any of the classes that we have!

Bungee Workout | Family Bungee | Aerial Yoga | Wheel Yoga | Flow Yoga | Yoga | Physiotheraphy Yoga | Chinese Dance | Hip Hop | Kpop Dance | Jazz | Fitness Workshops

Flexible timings

Customised Classes

Corporate Promotion Ongoing for a limited time only!

Give your employees and team members a special and memorable bouncing time of their lives now at Elin Dance Studio!

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