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All About Elin Dance Studio

At Elin Dance Studio, we provide a safe space for anyone, regardless of background, age and walks of life, to express their true selves in the name of dance. 

We firmly believe that dance is not just a lifestyle, but a way of life that transforms us with grace. We seek to nurture and empower our learners with dance at Elin Dance Studio and ultimately looking to transform their way of life, one learner at a time. 

Through a wide spectrum of dance styles including bungee yoga, our expert team of dance instructors utilises not just a structured curriculum but also maintains the flexibility to cater to a wide range of learners.

Our Mission

To nurture and empower participants with fitness and elegance as a way of life.

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Our Vision

To be at the forefront of Singapore’s dance education that caters to learners of any background, age and walks of life.

Our Team

Our expert team of dance instructors are from a wide variety of backgrounds. They have been specially selected to be able to create a safe space for all learners to Excel with Grace.

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