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What is Bungee Workout?

Low Impact, High Intensity cardio workout that enables you to fly

Bungee Workout, also known as Bungee Fitness, Bungee Yoga, Sling Bungee, involves being attached to a harness and bungee cord that is in turn attached to a structure mounted to the ceiling. The bungee cord supports your weight while you jump, fly and dive, allowing you to leap into the air like you never thought possible!

Bungee Workout is a combination of cardio exercise, strength training, and full body-workout all lumped into one workout session. At Elin Dance Studio, we have specially curated classes to tone up your entire body from the core to your arms to your calves. 

And aside from working those muscles, you get the sensation of flying just like with Bungee Jumping, albeit without the freefall sensation, where you have so much fun and forget that you are working those muscles. 

Benefits of Bungee Workout | Bungee Fitness

Is Bungee Fitness a good workout?

1 hour of Bungee Workout session is equivalent to 3 hours of traditional exercise, burning huge amounts of calories, toning the body, relieving stress and also triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin which improves the mood. Moreover, there is less impact on the joints and ligaments. 

Is Bungee Fitness good for weight loss?

You can get to build muscles and burn fats. Participants on average burn 500 calories in an 1-hour session, with some participants hitting more than 800 calories! 

What type of workout is Bungee Fitness?

It combines aerobics, resistance training, dance, yoga, ballet and is also a form of cardio workout.

Can Bungee Fitness relieve stress? 

Yes, it can! Especially when you are lifted in the air, the feeling of flying gives you that adrenalin boost. 

Build upper body strength, leg strength, and core body strength

Lift your mood while flying in the air

Low impact on joints and ligaments

Body and Mind Coordination

Burns on average 500 calories in an 1 hour session

Improves posture 

Some Misconceptions about Bungee Workout

Are Bungee Workouts hard? 

Our 1-star classes are beginner-friendly and the beginner set keeps you active and constantly moving in different directions. Exercising with the bungee cord enables your body to do exercises that could be too difficult or impossible without the bungee.

All just fun and no exercise?

Burns up to 500 calories in a 1-hour session, with some members burning more than 1000 calories. 


Who is Bungee Workout suitable for?

Suitable for kids as young as 4 years old all the way to the elderly in their 60s! Our oldest member is 64 years old and we are hoping to break that record! 

Safety at Elin Dance Studio

Custom made for Bungee Workout and not the normal ceiling structure that is similar to those that are being used for Aerial Yoga

Elin Bungee Studio - Bungee Workout Fitness Structural 20230808_161212.jpg
Elin Bungee Studio - Bungee Workout Fitness Structural 20230808_160733.jpg

What is the Maximum Height and Weight?

The maximum weight is 100kg and there is no height limit.

Any requirements?

Yes! To ensure that safety of all Bungee Workout participants, anyone with any health or medical conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, other chronic diseases, myocarditis, habitual dislocation, pregnancy, whether there is a recent history of surgery, injuries, delivery of baby (within 5 months after Cesarean section) will not be allowed to take part. Please drop us a text here to check if you have any medical or health condition that may not be mentioned here. 

How is Bungee Workout at Elin Dance Studio different?

We have a proficiency tiering system and in total, there are 4 different levels that participants can advance to. 

1 star ★ 

Beginners (*attend 4-5 sessions to move up)

1.5 stars ★☆

Advanced Beginners (*check with your instructor to move up)

2 stars ★★

Intermediate Entry (*check with your instructor to move up)

3 stars ★★★

Intermediate(*check with your instructor to move up)

In addition, we have a Family Bungee class that is suitable for the entire family, including kids as young as 4 years old and minimum 15kg. 

What do participants say about Bungee Workout?

"I've been doing bungee (fitness) this class since the start of the year and I'm glad there is now different levels so that you can see your progress each session. Super happy to have found a unique exercise that combines choreo and cardio, yet not too dance-y. Plus, you get to fly! Like literally. 👍"

Nadia B

"ILove the bungee fitness session at Elin Dance studio.
All my friends and colleagues enjoyed the session.
The instructors were very patient to guide us through in a fun way.
Definitely, a great choice for team bonding and gathering activities for friends & family.
Check it out now!"

Li Hsia Chuin

"Such a unique class! Great workout and super fun.😊"


"Patient and nice instructor coaching the group. Always look forward to my next bungee workout. Highly refined to give it a try if you are wondering what it entails. 🤗"

Amy Low

"Possibly one of the most enjoyable and fun studios I’ve ever been to  - especially challenging combination of dance and exercise workouts whole trying to attain elegance, form and flying momentum whilst working on core body strength"

Aileen Kawagoe

"The bungee work out is fun and interesting! The instructor is friendly, patient and most importantly encouraging. This workout is definitely burning my calories without me realising. Will definitely join again. 🥰"

Sharon Mirikumay

"Bungee is a fun and enjoyable workout that must try it! I love it and do it almost every week. The instructor are very friendly and patience. 😁"

Cyndi Puah

"Love bungy workout. The instructor was very patient and clear everyone in class could achieve the jump. Super fun way to workout"

Elvira N

"Class is awsome.. it's a life time experience if you want to fly high like a bird :) definitely need some practice to do it"

Sruthi Sripada

"Fun class, easy to pickup and friendly patient instructors."

Rainy Tree

"Just finished my trial class and it was so much fun! It is definitely a workout, but it's so enjoyable. I had never taken a class like this before, and I'm really glad I did! If anyone is looking for a fun way to exercise, I would definitely recommend the bungee workout class!"

Alejandra Zamorano

Media Coverage

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"The “fitness” option, which is described as stress-relieving, incorporates movements like jumps and dives. For those who just want to have fun, there's a “family” option where parents and children can exercise together, as well as a rhythmic “bungee dance” class that is for more experienced participants." 

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"Here’s a workout that burns an insane amount of calories while being easy on the joints. Bungee fitness workouts involve the use of a harness to support your weight while you push, squat, and leap. "

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"Thank you @elin.dancestudio for your patience and effort these few months, I’m going to miss the weekly screaming, laughing and crashing during trainings 😂" 

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"(You get to) burn calories while flying with Elin Dance Studio’s bungee yoga class" 

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What to expect at your first Bungee Workout session at Elin Dance Studio? 

Our instructors will choose the right cord and set up the bungee harness and cord for your height and weight

Warm up and stretching

Learn basic moves

Try out a simple set that may include dives, jumps, flying

Practise with music

Show time! At Elin Dance Studio, we will record your performance so you can review after the session what you have learnt and also for your comparison after you have come for a number of sessions

* Sessions may not go according to the sequence above as it is dependent on the instructor and the participants’ pace. 

What to prepare and wear to your first Bungee Workout session?

Be in your yoga pants/leggings, T-shirts or tank tops  and do not drink too much water or eat before that!

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