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Our Instructors

Through a wide spectrum of dance styles including bungee yoga, our expert team of dance instructors utilises not just a structured curriculum but also maintains the flexibility to cater to a wide range of learners.

Ms Elin

"Once you start, you cant stop. You wont regret. Stop hesitating! From strangers to bungee buddies, we share nothing but laughters and happiness. Teacher Elin is soooo funny, friendly and of cos professional! A fun yet enriching activity, be prepared to burn 700-1100 calories in 1.5hours, maybe even more.. Looking forward to every week's class!"

- Fanny Ong, Google Review

Boss Elin.jpg
Alicia (Bungee Workout).jpg

Ms Alicia

"I've been doing bungee (fitness) this class since the start of the year and I'm glad there is now different levels so that you can see your progress each session. Super happy to have found a unique exercise that combines choreo and cardio, yet not too dance-y. Plus, you get to fly! Like literally. 👍"

- Nadia B, Google Review

Ms Shen

"Enjoy my workout with shen lao shi today"

- Jasmine Lim, Google Review

Ms Shen.jpg

Ms Eekie

Ms Delia

"Instructor Delia is so patient and passionate when teaching Bungee workout. She is also so funny and kind!! I love her class :)"

- Jia J, Google Review


Ms Kelly

"Love Kelly’s flow, physiotherapy and wheel yoga classes.Kelly is an excellent instructor. Motivating and encouraging. Elin Studio is new, modern and very clean."

- Ursula Pong, Google Review

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