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Participation Terms and Conditions

In this Participation Terms and Conditions, “Participants” are defined as person(s) who are registered to participate in the classes offered by Elin Dance Studio. “Participants” can be either the caregiver or parent who has agreed to join the program on behalf of themselves and/or their child/children.

A. In class, you will follow the Instructor’s instructions for safe and effective practice sessions. You also have the responsibility and obligation to yourself and others to practise in a safe and reasonable way. 

B. If you are unable to attend the classes on time for any reason, you have to inform us to cancel and reschedule the class 36 hours in advance. Failing which, the session will be considered as forfeited and strictly no refund or makeup classes will be allowed.

C. You will not participate in any classes under the influence of any medical drugs, drugs or alcohol. For those participating in Bungee Workout, Family Bungee, or Aerial Yoga, you will not be allowed to join the class if you have any medications, allergies, physical, psychiatric, emotional or behavioural conditions, including but not limited to high blood pressure, asthma heart disease, diabetes, other chronic diseases, Myocarditis, habitual dislocation, pregnancy, how long after delivery, whether there is a recent history of surgery, injuries etc. If this is not communicated to us prior to the booking of the session, no cancellations, transfers or refunds will be allowed. 

D. Elin Dance Studio has an examination and promotion system. Any fees for examinations are to be borne by you and such fees are strictly not allowed to be deducted from the membership fees.

E. Due to limited space, only temporary storage cabinets will be provided. You are encouraged not to bring valuables or excessive cash. Elin Dance Studio will not be held responsible for the storage. You will be solely responsible for the loss of any valuables and locker keys.


F. In situations where participants are dissatisfied with the staff or Instructors, they can directly communicate with the person in charge. However, physical conflicts with staff or Instructors, that may endanger the lives or safety of anyone, are not allowed in ALL circumstances and will be strictly dealt with.


G. To safeguard all legitimate rights and interests of participants, Elin Dance Studio and its staff members, Elin Dance Studio reserves the right to suspend or cancel the participant's trial package or membership packages and/or privileges of anyone who violates any of the Terms and Conditions;

 (1) Those who violate the Terms and Conditions through words or actions

 (2) Those who hinder or harass other members' use of Elin Dance Studio’s  classes and studio (including concealment of infectious diseases), causing damage to the rights and interests of other members

 (3) Those who affect the normal operations of Elin Dance Studio and do not accept the instructions or advice of the staff

 (4) Those who deliberately destroy the facilities or reputation of Elin Dance Studio

 (5) Those who conduct or participate in any illegal behaviour(s) at Elin Dance Studio (such as theft, vandalism, etc.)

 (6) Those who utilise photos or videos taken at Elin Dance Studio for purposes other than for Elin Dance Studio promotions and own posting on social media. 

H. Elin Dance Studio has the right to terminate the Participant Contract with the participant in advance without giving any compensation. Serious violators will be held accountable and dealt with by the law.

I. If there are unsatisfactory matters or other relevant rules that are not yet stipulated in this Participant Contract, Elin Dance Studio reserves the right to revise the Terms and Conditions at any time.


J. Elin Dance Studio reserves the right to change or cancel dance class schedules or change instructors whenever necessary.


K. All Fees paid are strictly non- refundable and non-transferrable.


L. All Trial packages must be used up in 30 days and no extensions will be allowed. 

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