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加入我们在Elin Bungee Studio举办的蹦极教练培训课程。Elin Bungee Studio是新加坡最大、最有知名度的蹦极室。在5天内,您将成为认证的蹦极教练,加入新加坡最受认可的蹦极教练团队!无论是否有蹦极经验,都适合报名!已经尝试过蹦极的参与者,准备将您的技能提升到新的水平!


尽管我们是一间相对年轻的公司,但我们已经在新加坡多家知名媒体平台上亮相。我们有幸接受了包括新传媒、Channel News Asia、Timeout杂志、新明日报等在内的知名频道的采访。我们的故事还在八频道晚间六点半新闻和八频道早间新闻中展示。




自2021年11月开业以来,正值健身行业蓬勃发展且竞争激烈之际,我们的公司在新加坡取得了非凡的增长和认可。不到2年的时间里,我们的会员数量已经接近500人,我们成功地培训了超过3000名参与者,其中不仅包括个人,还有Sisley Paris和Sembcorp等全球大型公司。

由我们尊贵的主要教练Elin Zhang女士领导,参与者可以确保深入了解蹦极!



Elin Dance Studio Bungee Workout Bungee Fitness Instructor Elin.png

Elin Zhang

Founder and Main Instructor, Elin Dance Studio Pte Ltd

加入我们在Elin Bungee Studio举办的蹦极教练培训课程。Elin Bungee Studio是新加坡最大、最有知名度的蹦极室。在5天内,您将成为认证的蹦极教练,加入新加坡最受认可的蹦极教练团队!无论是否有蹦极经验,都适合报名!已经尝试过蹦极的参与者,准备将您的技能提升到新的水平!



  • What is Included in the Training Programme?
    Comprehensive Technical Training: Our Bungee Trainer Programme goes beyond the basics, offering in-depth technical training on various bungee fitness moves, ensuring you're equipped with the expertise to teach with precision. Seasoned and Professional Trainers: Be guided and mentored by our extremely professional and experienced Trainers for 5 days, 9am to 5pm daily. Extensive Move Repertoire: Learn an extensive repertoire of bungee workout moves that will allow you to design diverse and engaging fitness classes for your clients. Personalised Coaching: Receive personalized coaching and feedback from our experienced trainers to help you refine your teaching skills and perfect your moves. Continuing Education: As a part of our studio, you'll have access to ongoing education and updates in the world of bungee fitness, keeping you at the forefront of this dynamic industry. Exclusive Teaching Techniques: Discover our unique teaching techniques honed through years of experience, which will set you apart as a sought-after bungee fitness instructor. Hands-on Experience: Gain valuable hands-on experience during the programme via the exclusive 20-Hour Internship Programme, with ample opportunities to lead classes and practice your teaching skills in a supportive environment. Build Lasting Connections: Joining our studio means becoming a part of a tight-knit community of bungee fitness enthusiasts and professionals, creating lasting connections and networking opportunities. Be Associated with Elin Bungee Studio: Being affiliated with the biggest and most recognised bungee studio in Singapore elevates your professional profile, earning recognition and respect within the fitness community.
  • Why Be a Bungee Trainer?
    Be a part of the Bungee Revolution: Be a part of the rapidly growing and unique workout and stay ahead in the fitness industry Diversify Your Source of Income: Be trained and specialised in the unique Bungee Workout and Conduct Classes for an additional income source Aspiration to be a Trainer: Or if you also wish to just improve your Bungee Skills
  • Who Can Be a Bungee Trainer?
    If you are Passionate about Bungee Workout If you are someone With or Without Bungee Workout experience If you do not have any major health conditions If you love interacting with people If you want to upgrade yourself with a new skill If you wish to have an alternative source of income If you are a Yoga Lover, Dancer, Fitness Enthusiast, Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur etc.
  • Why Elin Bungee Studio?
    Unparalleled Studio Reputation: Joining our Bungee Train the Trainer Programme means being associated with a studio renowned for its Bungee Fitness programmes, professionalism and commitment to excellence. Media Recognition: Benefit from our extensive media coverage with major companies such as Mediacorp, AsiaOne, TimeOut, and more, giving you exposure and credibility as a certified bungee trainer. Prestigious Partnership: Our studio's role as the Official Bungee Training Studio for the President's Star Charity 2022 reflects the trust and recognition we have earned in the industry. Highest Professional Standards: Our Bungee studio in Singapore prides itself on maintaining the highest professional standards, ensuring a safe and rewarding training experience. Enhanced Teaching Techniques: Learn teaching techniques refined through years of experience, allowing you to stand out as a professional bungee trainer with advanced skills. Industry Recognition: Being affiliated with the biggest and most recognized bungee studio in Singapore elevates your professional profile, earning recognition and respect within the fitness community. By enrolling in our Bungee Trainer Program, you'll not only receive comprehensive technical training but also immerse yourself in a professional environment that values growth, excellence, and success. Embrace the opportunity to make a significant impact in the world of bungee fitness and take your career to new heights with us.


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